At Safety Forward we provide qualitative face fit testing carried out by our fully trained and competent Assessors operating throughout the UK.  Qualitative face fit testing is suitable for disposable half masks and reusable half mask respirators.

To ensure your organisation is meeting and fulfilling the legal requirements your employees are required to undertake the face fit testing whilst wearing their own face masks to ensure a tight fitting face piece matches the wearers facial features and seals adequately to their face.  The test itself is based on a taste test, where a Bittrex solution is pumped into a hood worn over the individuals head.  A series of exercises are performed to ensure the seal does not break during normal movement ensuring employees are able to perform effectively and safely.

Face fit testing is designed to protect your workers from harmful chemicals and dust and reduces work related illness including lung diseases, cancer and death. Research indicates that up to 50% of RPE wearers are wearing an ill-fitting face masks.

We are able to perform the qualitative face fit testing at your premises or site of your choice.