Fire Risk Assessments are required by law for most businesses, and can help to prevent fires as well as protect your property and assets in the event of a fire.

At Safety Forward our fire risk assessment approach is pragmatic. We do not sell fire-fighting equipment or alarm systems, so our assessment recommendations will be based solely on your safety and business needs, and not commercially based.

Our qualified fire risk assessor will visit your site, look at your fire safety records and then undertake a site walk-around. Following this we will provide you with a professional fire risk assessment report and prioritised recommendations, where necessary, to improve your fire safety management.

Our Fire Risk Assessors are experienced IFE professionals, regularly carrying out Fire Risk Assessments for businesses, apartment buildings, and Communal Areas required by Solicitors, Agents, Landlords & Home Owners.

All our assessments are provided in both print and electronic electronic documents to the insurance and government approved PAS 79 format.

A Fire Risk Assessment will provide you with a professional report, which identifies your fire safety compliance, servicing of equipment, access & escape routes, signage and locks.